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a change config line on the RME

We are monitoring our CAT 5000 (RSM) network with LMS 2.1. When I check the "All Changes" setting in the "Change Audit" on the RME, I see a new Configuration Archive entry every morning. The device name setting is the "RSM", the user name setting is "unknown", the Application Name is "Configuration archive". When I click on the Details, the following line appears:

Line-Line aux 0

speed 19200

The speed setting fluctuates between 19200 to 38400. We indeed archive the config setting on all the switches every other day, however does anybody happen to know why does this entry point to the RSM device as opposed to all the switches?



Re: a change config line on the RME

One possibility could be as you've stated above is that the speed fluctuates between 19200 to 38400 which for RME is a config change and would cause a config fetch trigger by Config Archive update in RME.

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Re: a change config line on the RME

Thanks for your response. Sorry for ambiguously stating the facts, however we do not change the speed on the aux port at all, and yet, somehow, it changes from 19200 to 38400, according to the audit change report.

_ Alex


Re: a change config line on the RME

Then you should get a sniffer trace to see exactly what's causing this change.

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