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A Large Asset Management Project

Hello All

I am relatively new to the field and am looking for some direction. I have been presented a project where I need to gather the following information for over 300 pieces of primarily Cisco equipment and present it in some coherent manner - they are hoping for a web page(s). What are the best tools and utilities our there to do this? Has anyone run up against this kind of project before? What kind of time frame should I give them?

- Switch manufacturer & model

- Switch IOS type (CatOS/IOS) and version (if Cisco)

- Indication if there's any security issues against this running version of IOS/CatOS necessitating an upgrade.

- CatOS/IOS upgrade limitations (what's the latest version we can upgrade to give the current hardware config, and what's the latest version we can upgrade to if we add memory and/or flash)

- Switch Flash and DRAM (if Cisco)

- Switch agent's IP address and hostname

- Switch agent's name in the DNS (discrepancies requiring correction will inevitably exist)

- Switch agent's native VLAN

- VLANs supported on the switch (VLAN number and name)

- Identification of uplink ports on each switch and confirming duplex and

speed mismatches matches

- Identification of uplinked VLAN mismatches

- nature of uplink (straight connection or 802.1q trunking), and VLANs carrying across trunk, if applicable

- Serial number of hardware (which we can do later on after the network-based identification stuff has completed)

I know I probably can't get all of this information via one tool but I am hope to get most of it. Thanks for any help you can provide.


Donald Salvato

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Imperial Software, Inc.

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Re: A Large Asset Management Project

There isn't any single application which will give you all of the above information. But you can look into using CW2000 specifically the RME and Campus Manager applications combined should give you most of the stuff above. CW2000 docs will give you more insight on this:

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Re: A Large Asset Management Project

Thanks for the fast reply


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Re: A Large Asset Management Project

Donald, if the org already has CiscoWorks then I'd say use. If teh org wants to implement some management rigour then CW2000 will assist.

If it's just this project then you might also consider simply collecting the information via SNMP. The Cisco MIB is vast - whilst I haven't checked every one of your requirements most can be collected by interacting with the MIB.

If you already have an SNMP manager then it might have some tools/utlities to assist.

Other NetSNMP at SourceForge will at least give you snmpget, snmpwalk and a bulk walk

Good luck

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