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ACL for new VLAN configured

Hi all,

I am just wondering how to configure an ACL for the only VLAN on my switch.And I have no ACL on my 2620 router.

We have an outsourced dept which should only access a Billing S/W in our network.And this VLAN is created for this dept.

Could any one help me with this issue. Should I configure ACL E0/in and E0/out or some thing else or in this process shud I need to configure many ACL even for our network?



Re: ACL for new VLAN configured

Is the outsourced dept on some other VLAN on the same switch as your network is ?

If it is in the same switch (on a different vlan), configure an extended access-list and apply it on the VLAN interface (access-group 101 in).

If it is coming via the router, you can apply the access-list there.

let us know more about ur internal network for a better understanding

New Member

Re: ACL for new VLAN configured

2620Router1---------HP procurve 4000 Switch

Our network and the Dept VLAN are on the same switch.We only have one VLAN configured for this dept and no ACL exits on the router what so ever!.Now tell me how and where to apply these ACL.If you any more questione do let me know.


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