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Active Switches

I have 45 Zylan Alcatel network switches, each one of them contain up to 4 slots and each of these slots can host up to 32 ports and each port are used\connected with one workstation. The total number of active ports\workstations is about 4000.

In order to find the name\IP address of each workstation AND the port which is connected to (this is my target), I am accessing the switch and execute the following commands: % Networking\ IP \ IPMAC and I am repeating these steps over each one of these 45 switches.

My problem here is that I can’t automate this process unless I put all the 45 switche names or IP address in a txt file where the script read, access and implement the same commands over them one by one and what I want here is: Is there a way to find out the names or IP address of all switches installed in your VLAN?

I don’t want to depend on a fixed switches list which it might be changed at any time where I will have to coordinate with the concerned department\persons to find out the new switches that have been added or switches have been removed.

Thank you.

Cisco Employee

Re: Active Switches

While anything is possible, I don't think you are likely to get a good answer on how to use Alcatel switches on a forum...

New Member

Re: Active Switches

Thanks a lot tstevens for your reply.

Can you please advice me where can I post such question? Any specific web address?

Thank you again.

Cisco Employee

Re: Active Switches

How about the Alcatel site ? Or

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