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Add a route for only one VLAN

Hi all. This is likely a basic question, so please forgive me and refrain from telling me to RTFM :)

I have a Cisco 6509 upon which I have several VLANs. All VLANs can see routes I add on the router that's enabled on the switch. I need to be able to add a route which will apply to only one VLAN. Can someone point me to the correct technology/terminology/documentation on how I might accomplish this?


Re: Add a route for only one VLAN

Do you mean when a traffic is coming from a certain vlan that it takes a certain path/route but only for this particular vlan? If so, this sounds like a policy routing feature.

Here is a configuration guide on policy based routing:

To configure PBR, refer to the Cisco IOS Quality of Service Solutions Configuration Guide, Release 12.2, "Classification," "Configuring Policy-Based Routing," at this URL:

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Re: Add a route for only one VLAN

Thanks for the link. I guess I've got some reading to do. Does not look all that simple, but at least now I know it can be done :)

Re: Add a route for only one VLAN

just for your inforamtion thsi is how it works:

1.- You define an access-list wchi will match traffic i.e from VLAN 1 to Subnet X

2.- You create a policy map which will perform a specific task ( for example taking a different path ) with the traffic matching the access-list on point 1

3.- Any other traffic which does not match the access-list will be routed using the normal routing process.

you could perhaps add a static route for subnet X pointing to a black hole ( no real Ip address ) and use the policy map for pointing only the traffic comming from teh VLNA you want to the real next hope IP address.

I hope it helps ... please rate it if it does !!!

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Re: Add a route for only one VLAN

Thanks! This is perfect! Exactly what I needed to get me started!

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