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Adding 2T1s DIA, but far away from main upstream


I have two major areas of my network. The core area consists of 2 3660s. One 3660 has 3 host frame T1s (15 PVCs total) and 2 PTP T1s (8 remote T1s coming in on these 2). This is the bulk of our traffic. The other 3660 is our edge router with our upstream DS3 and 2T1s failover with a different upstream provider. I'm running BGP for both.

The other sub-core area has 10 locations coming in on 2 Frame T1s in the same location(2600). One of these T1s has a PVC up to one of our Frame T1s in our core area. These 10 locations get their internet/server access through this single PVC (LATA-DS3 w/768CIR). I'm using OSPF with only one area(100) for all routers that have more than one circuit.

My dilemma is i have 2 T1s coming into my sub-core area and in different locations. These new T1s are for Internet access. One of new T1's will actually be in the same location as the other 2 frame T1s. I want to be able to configure my 10 locations down here to use these new T1s for internet, but to use the PVC to the core area for access to our server... what is worse.. if that PVC goes down to my core area.. i want my locations to be able to go out one on the new T1s and back into my DS3 to get to my servers at my core area. These new T1s are a different provider than my core area.

Any suggestions? I'm thinking that i will probably need to run BGP at both T1 locations in my sub-core area.. and figure out what i need to do to be able to reach my servers without my PVC, but make it the least desirable route. I appreciate any thoughts on this. mucho gracious!


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Re: Adding 2T1s DIA, but far away from main upstream

I'll see what i can do about posting a web link to a diagram... i've been told this sounds a bit confusing :)

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