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Adding a route to a 6500...


We are having problems with connectivity to a site.

We are trying to connect from a machine at our site, to a machine on another, but the remote site has a switch controlled by C&W.

C&W have said that the reson we are having problems,is that there is no route on our switch to their switch, so have given us the IP address of their switch, and want us to set one up.

I would love to oblige, but I havent done this before, so was hoping someone here would have the commands and details necessary.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Adding a route to a 6500...

I assume you want to setup a default route on an MSFC. Right?

Just add the following command in global configuration mode:

ip route

where the next-hop address is the address provided by C&W.

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Re: Adding a route to a 6500...

Cheers for the reply, im afraid my cisco knowledge is a little limited, so would it be possible to get basic instructions of how I get to that stage?

Also, I can ping from the router to the address C&W state we dont have a route to, so surely then we shoulnt need to add a route? as we can ping and tracert to the remote address from our side, so surely this should be sufficient?




Re: Adding a route to a 6500...

Hi Graham,

when logged in to the router, issue following commands:

enable (this will ask you for the enable password)

configure terminal

ip route


copy running-config startup-config (to save your changes)

NOTE: this assumes that you need a default route (like hritter presumed). After rereading your original post, I think you only want a specific route to the remote site. In that case, replace with the network address and mask of the remote network, e.g.

ip route

However, if you state that you can already ping the addresses at the remote site, then indeed routing (at least between your switch and the remote site) seems ok already and the problem needs to be found elsewhere.

Perhaps the remote site needs a route back to your network(s).



ps: now stop trying to kill Bart!

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