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Adding a vlan


We have a 4506 router/switch that we have been running 4 vlans on. I wanted to add anothe vlan, vlan 5 and configure two ports for this vlan. I created the vlan 5 and set these two ports for vlan5 but when I do a sh vlan command, their is no vlan 5 and nobody on vlan 5 gets the dhcp address range, it cannot find the dhcp server.

Any help or advice with a document or syntax useage is greatly welcome.




Re: Adding a vlan

how did you create the vlan?

do you have a 'VTP Server' switch running and you created it there?

do you have multiple switches and created it on a VTP Client?

if your switch is configured as a 'VTP Client', you will not be able to create vlans on it. you must create vlans on a VTP Server or VTP Transparent configured switch.

the configuration commands depend on the OS running; either CatOS or IOS:

CatOS - (must be run on VTP Server or VTP Transparent configured switch only)

switch>(enable) set vlan 5 name NEWVLAN

switch>(enable) set vlan 5 2/3-4

these commands create the vlan 5 named NEWVLAN and then adds the ports 2/3 & 2/4 to vlan 5

IOS - (must be run on VTP Server or VTP Transparent configured switch only)

(there are two ways to configure vlans; globalConfigMode or vlanDatabaseMode)

globalConfigurationMode -

switch(config)# vlan 5

switch(config-vlan)# end

switch# show vlan id 5


switch# show vlan

vlanDatabaseMode -

switch(config)# vlan database

switch(config-vlan)# vlan 5


switch# show vlan 5

switch(config)# interface 3/1-2

switch(config-if)# switchmode access vlan 5

switch(config)# end

the above commands create a vlan with ID 5 and add the two ports, 3/1 & 3/2 to vlan 5.

be sure to check your VTP configuration on the switch you are attempting to create the new vlan on.

please see the following links for more info on 4500 vlan configuration:


CatOS -

NOTE: you'll need to configure interVLAN routing if your DHCP server does not exist on vlan 5 or you need vlan 5 to communicate with other vlans.

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