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Adding deivces to CM3.3 manually

I am running LMS2.2/Campus Manager 3.3. Many of our sites are running over VPN which makes CDP impposible. Is there a way to import such non-CDP enable devices into the topology map like the way I import devices into RME via a text file? I can see less devices by the day as we are moving most of our sites from Frame-relay to VPN.

I'd appreciate any suggestions and helps!


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Re: Adding deivces to CM3.3 manually

Tried that and it did not work! It would only show up on the map if I added that device as a "seed device". There are only about 4 or 5 spaces provided for seed devices and I have about 30+ routers connected by VPNs. There is no way I can fit them all in there.

I also tried creating a GRE tunnel but CDP is not supported in a GRE tunnel.

Anyone have a solution for this.

Thanks again.


Re: Adding deivces to CM3.3 manually

You can certainly add more seeds by right clicking on the pane and select "add". W/o an add button is deceiving, isn't it :) Adding the device as seed is the only way if you don't have a CDP device.

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Re: Adding deivces to CM3.3 manually

If you have 30 devices, clicking add can get tedious. You can also put the entire list of devices into the file under Discovery.seed (seperate the devices by colons). On Windows, this can be found under CSCOpx/campus/etc/cwsi/. Restart CiscoWorks after changing the file and you should see all 30 devices in the GUI list.


Re: Adding deivces to CM3.3 manually

We don't recommend updating this file usually simply because in Windows, if you don't use proper editor, it will introduce line feed at end and corrupt the file.

However, we understand, from time to time, it's more efficient by editing this file. Just make sure you have backup of origianl file.

In Solaris, this is not an issue.

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