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Adding vlans to a trunk ...

[1] What is the allowed time duration between the two switches if we have added the vlans on one end of the trunk

and waiting to enter this on the other end of the trunk ?

[2] I understand if the vlans on the trunk are not the same, then there will be a problem. What would be the problem be and the reasoning behind it.

Thank you.



Re: Adding vlans to a trunk ...

I'll assume you are running transparent if you adding vlans on both ends . There is no time requirement other than you have to have the vlan that you manage the switch on both ends or otherwise you'll lock yourself out . If the vlans are not the same on both ends then the ones that are different will not be allowed across the trunk . The easiest way is to just allow everything initially then delete the vlans you don't need on the trunk one the link is up and you can manage the switch. If you are running client/server then you only have to make your changes on the server anyway.

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