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Additional ISP

I have four sites, each connected by T1 with 3600 routers and all access the internet through one site(A).I would like to add another Internet T1 to a different site(C).I have got 1720 addtional router to connect to the internet at this site

What configuration is needed so that traffic this site goes through its own site(C).Also if one internet T1 is down , i would like the traffic to be directed to another


Re: Additional ISP

There are several ways you can accomplish this. The simplest way to get this to work is to configure floating static default routes. For example:

ip route

ip route 10 would be the next hop address for ISP 1 would be the next hop address for ISP 2

10 is the administrative distance assigned to the second route statement.

The router will use ISP 1 as long as the router can reach because it has a lower admin distance than the second default route... when that address cannot be reached, the router will switch default routes to ISP 2. If you wanted to load balance to the two ISPs, you could configure the two route statements with an equal admin distance.

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