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ADSL Router backup by 2610 router with BRI ISDN port ???

Hi any one please help out the following scenerio;

In a HQ office, all internal users are using the local ISP ADSL router (Lucent) to access Internet. All users point to a Linux Proxy Server that with default gateway (D.G) pointed to the ip address of ADSL router.

In the past, there is another Cisco 2610 router with a BRI port to allow remote users to call in and at same time allowing internal users to call out to access Internet.

After the ADSL service was up, they plan to use the existing 2610 router with the BRI ISDN port to backup the ADSL router, which means when the ADSL service is down, the 2610 router will automatically dial to Internet and if the ADSL service is up, the 2610 will drop the link.

In term of 2610 router configuration, how do I configure it in order to achieve the above requirement ?

Is there any sample similar scenerio configuration sample ?

Please help out.

Thank you.

Cisco Employee

Re: ADSL Router backup by 2610 router with BRI ISDN port ???

Designing a backup for adsl line using bri line is always a difficult issue. Rightnow, the ADSL router is provided by isp and will give ethernet connection to plug the PC's behind so that pc's can go on internet (may be using NAT on ADSL router). The fact here is even if the adsl line went down, the ethernet interface will remain up/up so there is no way to reflect correct status of adsl line on to eth port of that router.

Now you can use 2610 with WIC-1ADSL card to terminate the dsl line on 2610 rather then using isp's adsl modem/router. That way you have both the services, dsl and bri, on the same router. With wic-1adsl card gives you "interface atm0" to terminate adsl line and under that interface you can use "backup interface bri0" command so that if layer 1or 2 of the atm interface went down i.e. dsl line went down, bri line will be activated.

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