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ADSL WAN Backup link

I am looking at setting up an ADSL WAN backup link for our office in Manchester to link into our main site in London. The thought was to use a site to site VPN link. Has anyone tried this before or any thoughts on this?

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Re: ADSL WAN Backup link

Whats the primary link right now ? Are you VPN connected or private line ?

If its just for backup, whats the price compared to say ISDN dial ?

It would probably work just fine,

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Re: ADSL WAN Backup link

Hi, not tried it but here goes anyway. I'm guessing that you currently have a leased line from BT between the two offices on serial ports on two existing Cisco routers. If so, I would get a couple of 827 routers with the VPN IOS option. Set up the point to point VPN link between the two 827s and then set up HSRP between the 827 and the other cisco router at each end. Give the virtual IP address setup in HSRP as the default route for the other office and if one fails then the connection goes via the other. You may need to setup additional routes in each router to point to each other as well to cover against line failure. Not sure if HSRP deals with line failure as well as device failure.

Hope this helps

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Re: ADSL WAN Backup link


On the 827 solution be aware that if you use , say, 12.1.5-YC1 (12.2 is deferred) you will need to upgrade the memory from the default 16 MB to 24 MB


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