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Advertise route as OSPF, but I see it as "EIGRP" ?

Sorry if this is a stupid question but I don't understand well why I am able to see route

D on RouterD.

Basically the network has been advertised via OSPF on RouterC interface. However, that was not advertised there as an EIGRP route...

How come I am able to see it on RouterD as EIGRP ?

Please find attached complete run config.

Please note I am doing one-way redistribution EIGRP->OSPF. Therefore in my view that doesn't justify the EIGRP route for on RouterD.

RouterB so]===[s0 RouterC s01]===[s0 RouterD]

RouterB s0=

RouterB S1=

RouterD S0=

From RouterD:

Gateway of last resort is not set is variably subnetted, 3 subnets, 2 masks

C is directly connected, Loopback0

C is directly connected, Serial0/0

D [90/2681856] via, 00:01:58, Serial0/0

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Re: Advertise route as OSPF, but I see it as "EIGRP" ?

Can we see routerD and routerC running config ?

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Re: Advertise route as OSPF, but I see it as "EIGRP" ?

Hi Edison,

It is attached.

However Sundar hit the nail;

I advertised using the inverse mask and I was no longer able to see the route onto RouterD (EIGRP).

Thanks !


Re: Advertise route as OSPF, but I see it as "EIGRP" ?

It was because you include S0/0 of router C in EIGRP by the network command. The fall into of EIGRP. If you want to enable S0/1 of router C only. You can use below network in the EIGRP of router C.


Hope this helps.

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