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Advertising VLAN database information across mutiple VTP domains


I have a question about VTP domains. Basically i am trying to deplot a VTP solution for our production network which will have 5 VTP domains, one for each 6509 on our backbone. Each VTP domain will have 1 VTP server which will be the 6509. If we are not trunking between those 5 VTP servers in different VTP domains how is it possible advertise VLAN information between those 5 VTP servers.

I have been doing some reading. Correct me if i am wrong. If we want to advertise VLAN database information to clients or servers, they all have to be associated to the same VTP domain. Is that true?

I am kinda confused and may be i am not asking the right question , so i am hoping someone undserstands my problem.

Thanks a lot

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Re: Advertising VLAN database information across mutiple VTP dom


If you dont need to have different vtp-domains skip it. Configure all 6509 in the same domain as servers.

I think if you dont configure domain/password for vtp

you can advertise the information between the 6509's, but it's a big security risc because you can erase all vlans if you put a new switch in the network with a higher versionID of the vtp info.

It's not necessary to have the same vtp for vlan connectivity, if you create a trunk and assign allowed vlans on it it will flow.

Hope this helps


Re: Advertising VLAN database information across mutiple VTP dom


I'm a little confused by your requirements.

Is your backbone routed or switched?

If it's routed, there is no way how to pass VTP info through it.

If it's switched, why don't you simlpy configure trunks between 6509s and put them all to one VTP domain?

There is a little dangerous that you could change your VTP database accidently when connecting a new switch.

But if you

1) configure a VTP password and

2) clear VTP revision number on a new switch by changing VTP domain name on it to "something_else" and back to "your_domain_name" before connecting it to the network,

you can live with it.



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Re: Advertising VLAN database information across mutiple VTP dom


We do route on the backbone and that is a crucial piece of information i forgot to mention. That is what i was afraid. Coz i know trunking would allow us to do so.

The only reason we do not want to deploy a single VTP domain is because of the potential of a single device screwing everything. I know that can be resolved via VTP passwords.

Are there any other ways people have done this in such a given sitaution ?

Thanks a lot

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