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New Member

Aggregating Multiple co-location 100Mbps drops


Since our network engineer has left I have been left with the responsibility of managing our network resources. I have very limited networking knowledge when it comes to things like this.

Currently we use a co-location facilities and our bandwidth provider will only provide us bandwidth increments in 100Mbps drops. We are unable to get a single Gig drop because they don't worry about bandwidth monitoring. We currently have 3 drops with them at this time.

I am using a 7206vxr router right now with 3 FastE cards in it and 1 Gig port. I somehow have figured out how to aggregate these three drops so that all our servers behind them use just 1 common gateway.

The Problem:

We have in the past learned that these 7206 routers are only good for about 280Mbps throughput and after that they like to start choking. Anyways, we are looking to get a couple more 100Mbps drops and I don't want to have to seperate the network into, these servers go through here and these go through here. So until we get up to the need of 1Gig, and I can go to a single gig uplink port I am looking to figure out what hardware is going to be the best to go with.

I was recommended a 6506 with a supervisor 1A and the 48 10/00 port switch modules, and basically told I can continue to do with that what I do today.

It just seems a bit much for my needs, but then again I don't think this is a common setup considering my other co-location just gives me a gig drop and monitors my bandwidth usage for me.

Im sure this is obvious, but it also has to be Layer 3

So my questions are:

1. Is this the best recommendation, or is there something cheaper that will do the same job.

2. How would I set it up the aggragation of the drops. Each drop comes with a standard /30 (1 IP 1subnet 1 gateway)

Thanks in advance for any advise you have.

Cisco Employee

Re: Aggregating Multiple co-location 100Mbps drops

I ran in to a similar problem this month. We were going to buy a 7200 series for our server room and after configuring it we found that it couldn't handle our OC3 and all our 100Mb enet segments, much less the gigabit we were asking for. We went ahead and got the 6506 with sup2/msfc2. One really cool advantage is the firewall card they just released for the 6500. You can pop it in and get a 5Gb/sec firwall on any interface, pretty sweet. The only other option would be the 7600 router, but it's more expensive than the cat6k if I'm not mistaken.

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