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Aggregating T1 circuits

I have a need to aggregate 3 T1 circuits and assign one IP address for the link. I also need to do Qos As I will be running delay sensitive applications over this link. At this time I am running IMA but I am not happy with it mainly due to two reasons. High Overhead and confusion as to where the T1 ends and where the ATM starts and where is queueing happens. The other reason is that If one of my T1 circuits is experiancing errors, the whole IMA group is becoming unusable for applications. The only way to findout which T1 is causing the trouble is by brute-force method ( I had to shut down each T1 and look for increasing number of CRC errors on the IMA interface. This is because once I have included the T1's in the IMA group, the show interface counters for each t1 are zeored out). I checked cisco documention and came across Multilink PPP and studied this following link :

I was just wondering If the above solution address my original concerns.


Re: Aggregating T1 circuits

Multilink PPP gives you the same benefits, and along with framgmentation and interleaving, you can give the desired QoS for real time traffic. But if you are using ATM links for IMA currently, you may need to run MLPPP by configuring PPP over ATM .

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