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Aironet 350 Wireless Bridge alternative

Our new ISP uses a "wireless internet" setup similar to Sprint's Wireless Broadband. They place their antenna on a high structure and we place our antenna in line of sight with theirs. Our antenna is connected to an Aironet 350 Wireless Bridge. The Bridge is then networked from its ethernet port to an ethernet hub then to our computers.

The problem is we don't need the wireless aspect of the Aironet 350 Wireless Bridge. Is there a Cisco device that will still convert the satellite signal to ethernet WITHOUT the wireless device inside? (in other words cheaper?)

Please let me know.


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Re: Aironet 350 Wireless Bridge alternative

A Aironet 350 Wireless bridge use the 802.11b wireless standard (DSSS) to send information between the two bridge points, you need the "wireless aspect of the Aironet 350 Wireless Bridge"! Without it the bridge does not exist. Don’t make the mistake that the antenna converts the signal, it's only used to receive radio waves on the 2.4 frequency band, it’s the Cisco Aironet 350 that coverts the 2.4 DSSS (direct sequence spread spectrum) 802.11b radio waves and converts it into the Ethernet standard

There are other providers that supply wireless connectivity using the same technology, but aren't able to provide the range of antennas, and the cost difference is not worth the expense to change from Cisco Aironet... eg you’ll need new antenna, antenna cable and wireless bridging device.

Wireless bridges are already considered one of the cheapest connectivity options available… due to not needing the copper or fibre wire to send data!

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Re: Aironet 350 Wireless Bridge alternative

There is a workgroup bridge which is much cheaper - but only supports about 8 MAC addresses on the Ethernet side.

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