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Align-Errs and Runts on ports


I have a number of servers connected to 6509 switch running CATOS 6.2(3).

These are reporting Align-Errs and Runts.

Align-Errs with CRC suggest problem with NIC , bad cable or bad port.

How do I know if there are any CRC errors associated with this as CATOS does not provide any info on CRC errors ?


Re: Align-Errs and Runts on ports

try sh counters mod/port

Cisco Employee

Re: Align-Errs and Runts on ports

For CatOS, in the output of 'sh port', the FCS (frame check sum) is the CRC error count. As you mentioned, check your cables (quality & distance), check your NICs, verify the speed & duplex setting. If these are servers it is recommended that you hard code speed and duplex. If you suspect a switch port find a port that is working without errors for another device and swap it with the server to see if the errors follow the server patch or the port. That is, do the errors now appear on the new port (previously error free with another device) or do the errors remain on the original port.

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Re: Align-Errs and Runts on ports

What if the FCS is zero ? what does this suggest ?

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Re: Align-Errs and Runts on ports

Ditto what tsettle said. Hard set your servers and hard set the switch side. We experienced the same errors on our ports when they didn't match each other. This happened when one side was hard set and the other wasn't. It also degraded performace and affected WIN2k and Unix boxes.

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