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Alternate XOT routing

Two AS2511RJ (12.0(7)T) configured as PAD's (autocommand x28 profile ... noescape) connected to different target X25 routers (S0) . Problem: One target router is down; Is it possible to route PAD calls to another AS using XOT only when serial port is down?


Re: Alternate XOT routing

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Re: Alternate XOT routing

If I understand the question well, ths should be possible


router 1 ser 0-----x25-----ser x router2

eth 0--------------------eth0 router3

If the int serial 0 protocol goes down, the x25 routing can pick the next available x25 route


x25 route ^9000 int ser 0 ==> this is to router2

x25 route ^9000 xot ===> this is to router3

If the ser 0 goes down the x25 route is not valid anymore

hence we will pick the next available which in this case is the one using xot.

The only problem you will face is to make sure

that ser0 is detecting the protocol down, in the case

of a deticated line this is probably not an issue,

in the case the ser0 is connected to a x25 network,

this is probably not gone work as the protocol will

stay up on router 1 even if router 2 is powered off.

In that case, it is maybe better to use IP on all the device and doing this kind of x25 route :

x25 route ^9000 xot

Hope this help


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