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Alternatives to Cisco VPN Client?

My IT manager has asked to try and find out if theres an alternative to the Cisco VPN client.

We use Cisco concentrator 3000 VPN 3.5.2 s/w.

H/w is a Pix firewall 501 and a 800 series router.

Our environment is NT server 4.0 with sp6, and mostly 2000 clients.

Is it possible to find a product without firewall etc, that will replace the Cisco VPN client s/w as an alternative but allow us to keep H/W ?

I know one option may be PPTP and build in OS VPN but this may have its own issues, I dont know what its like in comparison.

Main problems are apparently slow seeing the network browsing and other issues:-

"I am now finding it is once again blocking my local wifi network, close down the service (IN CP) and all is well, except of course the cisco vpn client won't run.

I find it fails over GPRS.

I find it shuts down any IR connection that are open

plus of course there is the network browsing and Win XP"

If anyone has advise I am very grateful,

Many Thanks

Tony Foster


Re: Alternatives to Cisco VPN Client?

The Concentrators can communicate with three IPSec clients: the Certicom IPSec

client, Cisco VPN Unity Software Client, and VPN 3002 Hardware Client. The

Certicom Client is a wireless client loaded on wireless PDAs such as Palm operating

systems, HP Ornata, Compaq iPAC, and so on. The Cisco VPN Software Client is

loaded on an individuals PC. The VPN 3002 Hardware Client is a standalone client

located in small offices and home offices.

Community Member

Re: Alternatives to Cisco VPN Client?

The new version 3.6 of the Cisco Concentrator supports Extensive Authentication Protocol (EAP) which means, in short, that the built in Microsoft IPSEC client can be used. This is new from the 3.5x version. Here's a link for you: (wraps)

Good luck.

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