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always on/dynamic isdn question

On CCO, about AO/DI:

>On the client side, the X.25 switched virtual circuit (SVC) can only be terminated

>on an ISDN D channel; however, on the server side, the SVC can be terminated on an ISDN

>BRI using a D channel, a PRI using specific time slots, or a high-speed serial link.

Is there a config somewhere on CCO with PRI?

How do i define which timeslots will be used?

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Re: always on/dynamic isdn question

I could not come across any configuration, but I am guessing whether this would mean using the 'pri-group timeslots ' command to create the B-channels. Typically you would use a T1 or E1 controller to create a PRI connection. You can specify the timeslots from 1-24 for T1 or 1-31 for E1 which will create the B-channels. And then, you can either use 'interface serialx:23' or 'interface serialx:15' which acts as the D-channel depending on T1 or E1 to configure the AO/DI.

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Re: always on/dynamic isdn question

This is the config i'm already using for normal pri operation.

I'm asking about "x.25 under pri" config and how i define which timeslots to use for it.

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