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Analog Dial In Solution Using Cisco 2610 and BRI's ???

I do not have the technical expertise but would like to ask if the solution initailly provided by local phone carrier is viable.


Currently using a pool of 56K modems on an NT4.0 box using RAS to allow remote connectivity to LAN. Connections are rarely better than 26K, sometimes much lower.


Increase connection speeds for our dial in users.


Can not use the internet for VPN as any traffic touching internet must go through corporate firewall.

Can not go through corporate's firewall as they supply their own VPN solution which is too costly under our circumstances.


Local Telco provided Cisco 2610 w/ 3 ISDN BRI interfaces to allow 6 simultaneous dial ins. Installed 3 IDSN BRI lines.


Not working. Telco now says this solution was not engineered correctly. They say they assumed we were having people dial in with ISDN modems, not analog modems.

Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Analog Dial In Solution Using Cisco 2610 and BRI's ???

I've used this solution before with 4 BRI's and a 3640 router. The router requires a digital modem card like an NM-8AM or NM-16AM that takes up the single Network Module port. But if you have 3 BRI's, it sounds like that slot is taken already with an NM-4B.. module.

Also, when I ordered the BRI's, I had to specify to my carrier that they will be used for BOTH voice and data. This way I was able to use analog and ISDN modems to dial in.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Analog Dial In Solution Using Cisco 2610 and BRI's ???

This is not at all possible with a 2600 series router, as you do indeed need digital modems (NM-6DM etc.) and the WIC slots do not have the necessary internal connections to allow DSP modem use. You need 3600 platform for this, 3640 minimum for NM4B and NM-6DM, plus probably some LAN connection would be useful = 3 slots.

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