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another question about ethernet encapsulation

hey again

is there a command that can change the ethernet encapsulation in a router -

for example let say i want to change the encapsultaion from 802.3 to arpa

in the ethernet interface.

is it possible ?

if there are two routers, or two computer with not the same ethernet encapsulation , can the communicate ?

if i have one computer talking with 802.2 snap and other with 802.3 can they

"understand each other "

by the way when a computer ( not a router) sending a frame - what is the default frame that is use. ( in ip protocol) - is it 802.3 or 802.2 snap

and again can i change it from one encapsulation to another

( again computer not router)

thank you for your passion



Re: another question about ethernet encapsulation

In theory, it should be possible to change the encapsulation. However, the standard for IP is to use Ethernet_II encapsulation. Most systems will not allow you to change this. There is no reason to do this either.

Two devices talking IP, but using a different encapsulation will not be able to communicate.

Hope this answers your questions.

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