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Anyone ever see 2924 XLs ports locking up ?


Anyone ever see this behavior happening? We had old wiring (used to be tokenring, but with a special mau turned into ethernet) and was moving PCs to new cat 5 wiring. We unplug from the old network and plug into the new wiring and we get a link light but no network access on the pc. The IOS is 12.0(5) XU on two 2924XLs and 1 2924 XLM. The only way we were able to reset the ports was by powering down the switches.

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Re: Anyone ever see 2924 XLs ports locking up ?

I've seen some weird stuff on my 2924xl's from time to time. A good debugging solution would have been to console into the 2900 while you only had a few users plugged in and perform a debug all command (since you were only moving over a few users it should not have that much affect on the switch) Don't forget to issue the "no debug all" command when your down debugging!!! Find out what the debugging messages were saying and then you will have a better idea on what is going on with the data frames on the wire.

P.S. I have also seen the ports on the 2900's freeze up when it's in production when I plugged in the blue console cable, data seems to still be forwarding out all ports but it is strange isn't it? Hope all this jabber gives you a little enlightenment ~zo

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Re: Anyone ever see 2924 XLs ports locking up ?


i'm haveing the same problem with 2 of my 2900's the ports lock up, and the only fix i have found is to reboot the router.


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Re: Anyone ever see 2924 XLs ports locking up ?

I've had similar experiences. My particular case was when the broadcast traffic level was high, the CPU got pegged and it couldn't register newly inserted devices in the bridging table. And because CPU was so busy that it couldn't forward traffic to these unknown addresses to all ports.. It was simply dropped. We had to reboot the switches to get them going. A potential workaround for this problem is to isolate the management VLAN so that it does not process the broadcast traffic. But we decided to replace them with something else.


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