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AP/BR352: Can a couple of you Experts critique this for me?

Hello Gentlemen:

I am trying to document how to setup and use the Cisco AP/BR352 and the AP342/AP1100 so that "We Ham Radio Types" can set them up and operate them in our Ham Radio activities.

My current document can be found at:

I would be most appreciative if one or more of you Cisco Experts would critique my writeup and let me know where I have errors. Since I am NOT a Cisco trained person, there should be lots of errors to find.

Many Thanks for any assistance you have time to give me.

Joe Mehaffey


Re: AP/BR352: Can a couple of you Experts critique this for me?

Wow, never knew that much about the AP's... 8-)

The stuff I'd have to say on it is pretty minor. First, I noticed you recommended the AP352E2C's, but didn't say what was different about them than regular AP's. I would at least tell your readers that they only support 40-bit WEP, it can be a pretty important caveat depending on how concerned they are with encryption.

The second is not really even AP related. You have a ton of information all run together. To me its just begging to be split up into several HTML pages with an contents page. That way people can more easily zoom in on exactly what they're looking for.

Other than that, pretty impressive collection of information on the AP's!!

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