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Apple Network and Cat 2924 XL/Cat 2912

Sep 11, 2002, 11:53pm PST

use Switch Catalyst 2924 Xl as Command Switch and Cat 2912 as member switch. Some of my iMac and G3 are hookup to the Cat 2924Xl and work very well, I can see the my IPShare Server and the other computer on the network but when I move some imac (Flower Power, iMac 333Mhz) to Cat 2912 (switch member) and I can not see anything in the chooser (just blank) but the Green Led (light) on port cat 2912 is green blinking it mean the link is working fine, my question, what I should do ? or there is something I have to setup ? I did enable SPanning Tree and fast port enable in both of the switch.

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Sep 4, 2002, 8:05pm PST

If all the ports is in the same vlan on both switches and there is no trunking between the link then everything should be same.

DO you only have problem with appletalk or ip is also not working.

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I don’t thin so, because I did reinstall the system OS 9.2.2 and than Run Clean installation with OS X, Update Open Transport Protocol and not work.

For your information, My appletalk connect to Ethernet 100BT Half Duplex, TCP/IP using DHCP Server. If you said that IP problem (not work fine ) that's not a reason appletalk not show up the IPShare Server and others computer in the chooser.

Do I have to .........? guest what.


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Re: Apple Network and Cat 2924 XL/Cat 2912

Not real sure about Mac but Windows Network Neighborhood will usually take about 15 minutes for everyone to see each other in the network. This could just be a configuration or hardware issue with your switch. In which you would probably want to contact Cisco directly.

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