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Appletalk and Printing.

Hi ,

I have a query about Macintosh systems being able to print to print devices on subnets opther that the physical subnet the mAC is on. We are not allowed to run Appletalk Routing. Ok , so the problem is this . Say there is a MAC on the subnet having an IP address of and there is a printer on the subnet having an ip address of . The MAC would not be able to print as the devices are not on the same the same subnet . The problem is that when I change the IP address of the MAC to 10.10.2.x , printing still does not work.

The vlans are setup with 10.10.1.x as the primary address and 10.10.2.x as the secondary in standby group 5 foir HSRP. We a Core of 8540 and a distro of 6509 and accesss of 5500.

I would appreciate any help in trying to get these MACS to print to devices on vlans other than their own without having to enable Appletalk.



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Re: Appletalk and Printing.

I assume, that the printer is in one vlan and mac is in another vlan. And also that the 6509 is doing the inter vlan routing (ip routing). Are you able to ping the printer lan card IP from the MAC ? I guess, since you are running TCP IP on your MAC, you should be having utilities, which let you ping. If this is not working, then troubleshoot to fix the connectivity problem first.

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Re: Appletalk and Printing.

The problem as you describe it involves different issues. First, if you are printing via IP, it shouldn't matter what subnet the Mac is on vs. which subnet the printer is on so long as you can ping the IP address of the printer from the Mac. If you can not ping the IP address of the printer, then either the Mac or the printer is missing a default gateway.

If you are printing via Appletalk, you have a different issue. Simply changing the IP address on the Mac will not change the Appletalk zone that you are in, this is detected by the Mac when the system boots up. You would have to change the VLan that printer is in.

Good Luck

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Re: Appletalk and Printing.

Thank you all for your help.

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