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Appletalk over TCP/IP

I am with the following problem: I have Mac G5 workstations, (OS10.7), that have sharing access in a Mac Server, (Mac X_Server_OS10.6). This access is very slow, all the machines them is connected via Gigabit Ethernet. This slowness is only for the Mac's, the PC's working ok.

The Mac Server is connected in a Catalyst 4006 and the Mac workstations in a Catalyst 3560, (the connections between Catalyst 4006 and 3560 they are a Gigabit EtherChannel, 4 links). The Catalyst 3560 and the Mac workstations they are in VLAN 6 and the PC?s they are in VLAN 155. The VLAN?s routing is made in a external router connected via trunk in the Catalyst 4006.

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Re: Appletalk over TCP/IP

Given the symptoms that you describe the thing that I would do first is to check the connections where devices are connected to switches and look for duplex mismatches. I have seen situations where one side was operating full duplex but the other side was operating half duplex that produced symptoms very similar to what you describe. I would probably start with the connection for the MAC server and if it is right then I would check the workstation connections.



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Re: Appletalk over TCP/IP

These points had been checked and are ok. Don't have Appletalk routing only IP routing.

Have you another idea??

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