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Appletalk Printer access list

We have an NT server that that has Services for Macintosh running to share volumes to our Macintosh users on another subnet. This service is also advertising printers to the Mac's when they open their chooser and click on LaserWriter. We want to block these printers from being advertised to our Macintosh subnet.

I have tried to configure an Appletalk access list on the NT subnet to block NBP type LaserWriter from being advertised out to any other subnet. Unfortunately this is not working, does anyone happen to have any experience with this situation?

Sample appletalk access list I have tried:

access-list 625 deny nbp 1 type LaserWriter

access-list 625 permit other-nbps

access-list 625 permit other-access

Interface access list is applied to.

interface FastEthernet2/0.212 (NT Server is on this subnet)

description PC VLAN

encapsulation isl 212

ip address

appletalk cable-range 200-200 200.197

appletalk zone Ethertalk 1

appletalk access-group 625 out

appletalk getzonelist-filter 600

appletalk zip-reply-filter 600

mls rp ip

standby 212 ip

standby 212 timers 5 15

standby 212 preempt

Thank you

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Re: Appletalk Printer access list

Using a 600 list deny nbp type LaserWriter, and the zone. Apply it to the outbound interface. This should work.

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