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ARP Issue

We have two servers inside a PIX DMZ, one is a web server the other a SQL Server. At seemingly random intervals the web server loses communication with the SQL Server. At this point the arp table on the web server shows an identical mac address for both the PIX interface and that of the SQL Server.

Any Suggestions?

New Member

Re: ARP Issue

Sounds like a bug that we had on our Pix's - something to do with a corrupted ARP table. Sorry I can't be more specific, it was some time ago now.

You might want to search the Cisco Web site for Pix bugs. In the end, we had to upgrade the Pix IOS.



Re: ARP Issue

Who owns the identical mac address ? Does it belong to the PIX or SQL server ?

If it belongs to the PIX, check if the "sysopt noproxyarp " is not there. This i believe disables PRoxy arp on the pix.

If its the PIx's mac address , for some reason the pix is arping on behave of the SQL server ? Subnet masking issue maybe ?

To understand why proxy arping occurs, check out URL:

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Re: ARP Issue

The web server arp cache thinks that both the SQL Server and PIX have the mac address of the PIX. I have checked the subnet masks and they seem to be correct (at least they are all the same). I have checked the PIX and sysopt noproxyarp is not present.

Any other ideas?


Re: ARP Issue

add the command sysopt noproxyarp and see if it makes a difference.

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