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ARP Requests

I have been troubleshooting a problem that happens every so often on some of my vlans. I have 2 6509's configured with multiple vlans using an msfc. I have been recieve input buffer drops. When investigating this problem with my sniffer, I notices that when the buffer fills up it's due to a large number of arp request sent from them router to every workstation on that segment. What would make the router all at once start senting arp requests? I have the ARP table (MSFC)set to 4 hours , the cam table(6509) set to 5 min and the mac table(3548) set to 5 min agingtime. Normal ARP request from a workstation to the router are replied with the gateways mac address, I want to know if this is normal also?


Re: ARP Requests

ARP requests are sent to every station until it finds a match, so any time the router gets a request for an IP not in the cache, it will flood out ARP packets until it gets a response. Also, if the gateway will respond with its mac address to any IP on another segment, and the router does the packet rewrites as it sends data on to the destination.

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Re: ARP Requests


I'm not sure if I understood well your problem, but anyway... I think that you can avoid that behaviour by disabling proxy-arp on the MSFC's interfaces.

Hope this helps.


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