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AS-5800 integration with EPBAX

Hi Friends !!!

I have offices at three different locations in same city. At all the three building I have installed Ericcsion Digital Exchange (EPBAX) whereby my employees can get start conversation by dialing the extension only. So virtually its single Office. Now I want to install mail server at one the campus. Since my building are not networked right now I want to integrate Cisco AS-5800 with one of my exchange using PRI channels. So that my any of the employee could get connected with the mail server by dialing one number that may be "nnnnnnnn" (any int.) and download their mails.

Secondly as AS-5800 comes with voice port, I want to utilize VoIP feature also.

Any suggesstion (from where and how should I start and so on) / query in this regard would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: AS-5800 integration with EPBAX

1. Sounds like voip stuff

2. Mail server...Putting a host on a lan and routing that segment...I'm all over that.

3. 5800 doing a bunch of voip...I plead the 5th.

4. They dial into a mail server? Do you mean a voicemail server?

5. Download thier mails? Over voip? How?

6. Like I said, I'm voip clueless.

Since I'm your only response, I would hit up and for some help.

Or...maybe someone will jump in since i gave such a lame reply :)


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