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New Member

AS5300 and MICA2 modemcode

Does AS5300 w/MICA2 modemcard support V.92 and HSCSD (GSM highspeed data)? What is the latest stable IOS for AS5300? I guess S53C-12105T should be ok? Thanks.

Cisco Employee

Re: AS5300 and MICA2 modemcode

If you have mica modems and wants to support V.92, you need to have firmware for mica and ios on AS5300 should be or later then 12.2.(2)XA and 12.2(2)XB. Pl. visit here for more information.

Any latest XA or XB release is good for V,92 and AS5300..Tejal

New Member

Re: AS5300 and MICA2 modemcode

Thanks for the info. However I'm having problems accessing those newer ISO versions and modem code. I'he never downloaded sw from Cisco, do I need a special access to be able to do that? I guess CCO-guest access isn't enough?

Cisco Employee

Re: AS5300 and MICA2 modemcode

You do need a cco login to download IOS from cco..If you don't have it, try to open a case on to get the help from cisco's TAC engineers..Tejal

New Member

Re: AS5300 and MICA2 modemcode

What is the Bootloader code that should be used with 12.2.2XB6 and There is only one bootloader code available on CCO that is in the 12.2.X code (12.2.2XA3).



Re: AS5300 and MICA2 modemcode

One more point here, if using enable v92 will need to have the following modemcap:



Since (unlike is supported on non-V.92 IOS, Recommended modemcap for for a non-V.92 application:


Thanks, Mak.

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