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AS5300 dialing out

I have a customer who wants to have users connect to an as5300 which has a t1 connected to it, then be able to dial out to a remote site. I guess the as5300 would be in a sense a modem pool. Can the as5300 do this and if so does anyone have any configuration notes on how to do this?


Re: AS5300 dialing out

Yes, we can use the as5300 for calling out:

The below config is for as5350 (basically the same concept)

Thanks, Mak.

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Re: AS5300 dialing out

We are doing the exact same thing with our 5350's. It took some time but we got it working. If these clients are going to e dialing out using their desktops then they will want to use a product called dialout /EZ. When you configure dialout/EZ the enter the IP of the AS Server and port # 7001. We have ours set to radius for AAA. If they are requiring pcanywhere the in the modem group you have to specify Escape character none.

We actually have ours set up so people can dial in the the AS Server from home have the dialout /EZ software loaded on their home desktop and turn around and amke calls roigh back out of the same box so they dont have to pay toll charges for doing extended support to our clients.

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