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AS5300 disconnects

Our AS5300 disconnects callers after few minutes of use (not all). We used to have maybe 0,1% of our clients having disconnect problems with PM3's, and all modem users, but after switching to AS5300 (and also switching E1/PRI provider at the same time) maybe 10% of users are having problems staying online, both modem and ISDN users.

Any obvious settings (are there any inactivity timeout etc settings?) I should check from the AS5300 (12.2.(2).XB6 /, and how to start debugging this...?


Re: AS5300 disconnects

try giving a debug isdn q931, at off peak periods, when few clients are dialed in and get thelog output, and then lets see why disconnect happens.

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Re: AS5300 disconnects

Ok, I'll do that. In the meantime, I noticed following in the "sh caller timeouts", looks like non-multilink-PPP users are having a default 2 min timeout??

qnet-as5300-hki1#sh users

Line User Host(s) Idle Location


Se0:2 tervo Sync PPP - Bundle: Vi9

Se0:4 sse Sill Sync PPP 00:00:00

Se0:9 lma1 oy Sync PPP 00:01:13

Se1:3 n-Erik R Sync PPP 00:00:28

Se1:16 -qnet1 Sync PPP - Bundle: Vi41

Se1:19 asanMicr Sync PPP 00:00:00

Se1:21 j Ojala Sync PPP - Bundle: Vi2

Se1:24 ti Packa Sync PPP - Bundle: Vi37

Se2:3 ran Haka Sync PPP - Bundle: Vi18

Se2:4 nt-Johan Sync PPP - Bundle: Vi25

Se2:16 ida lind Sync PPP 00:00:00

Se2:23 tervo Sync PPP - Bundle: Vi9

qnet-as5300-hki1#sh caller timeo

Line User Limit Remaining Timer Type


Se0:2 tervo - - -

Se0:4 sse Sillanpaa 00:02:00 00:01:17 Dialer idle

Se0:9 lma1 oy 00:02:00 00:00:03 Dialer idle

Se1:3 n-Erik Reval 00:02:00 00:00:48 Dialer idle

Se1:16 -qnet1 - - -

Se1:19 asanMicrocopyOy 00:02:00 00:01:59 Dialer idle

Se1:21 j Ojala - - -

Se1:24 ti Packalen - - -

Se1:25 j Ojala - - -

Se2:3 ran Hakans - - -

Se2:4 nt-Johan Ingels - - -

Se2:16 ida lindfors 00:02:00 00:01:59 Dialer idle

Se2:23 tervo - - -

Vi1 rkkari - - -

Vi3 -ake ljungars - - -

Vi6 nna vainioniemi - - -

Vi7 n-Erik Reval - - -

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Re: AS5300 disconnects

Fixed the problem with "int se0:15", "dialer idle 0", etc...

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