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AS5300 Mica Modem Connection Times.

We find that customers using V90 modems dialling ino our POP are experiencing connect delays of around 25 seconds while hand-shaking takes place. This is a pity as it is the most frequently encountered standard.

Given that for many modems, there is a default overall timeout of 30 seconds, then we only have about 5 second then to authenticate before the user modem drops the call anyway.

The services we provide are of a nature that means modems of 14.4K or less are not really useable anyway. So, the point is, what can be done to reduce the connect time to, say, less than 20 seconds? That would leave us a with more time to complete authentication etc. Of course, we are not in a position to get our callers to configure longer overall connection time-outs on there modem.

So far we are considering gaining 3 seconds by not supporting K56FLEX. Any other suggestions for reducing connect times would be much appreciated please.




Re: AS5300 Mica Modem Connection Times.

Although I think that 25 seconds for V.90 negotiation is about normal (20s for V.34 and 15s for V.32bis), you should still ensure you have the most recent mode code in use. You could enable some modem debug to see what state transitions (CALL SETUP, CONNECT, LINK, TRAINUP, EC NEGOTIATING, STEADY) are taking longer than expected, and then try to reduce that. Trainup is likely the longest, as we have to step through all possible modulations, but you can reduce that by disabling these (as you have done for K56FLEX).

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