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AS5300 multiple uses for asynch lines

I am trying to determine if the AS5300 asynch lines can be used for multiple access or if I will have to break up the lines into groups for each access type I need. For example, some users may need complete IP access while others may only require a redirect of their call to another location via telnet. Will I be able to use all 192 modems for every type of usage or will I have to use the first 100 for full IP and the remaining 92 for my other calls?

The 5300 would only support incoming calls and would authenticate users either locally on the 5300 or via a AAA server.


Paul Haering


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Re: AS5300 multiple uses for asynch lines

Modem allocation for incoming call will be round robin basis..but You can treat the incomaing call the way you want in AS5300 as long as the AS5300 has a way to differentiate between the calls..So if you want to use all the modems in 3-4 groups for different services, you can configure 5300 using feature called "modem pooling".

So based on DNIS, modem will be picked for incoming call and will be treated accordingly..So if you have different DNIS for each services, task will be easy..Pl. refer

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