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AS5300 & Vircom radius

We are running an old, unsupported Vircom Radius server, which is doing it's job wonderfully. We have just switched from Lucent PM3's to AS5300, and functionally everything is ok, but there's one annoying cosmetic problem:

After authenticating and authorizing the caller, radius server itself thinks the callers IP address is, regardless if the IP came from the AS5300 pool or was an static address assigned by the radius server. I have a web page that lists users online and their IP addresses, and I've noticed that right after authentication/authorization the radius server displays the IP address correctly, for a second or two, and also during logout, the address in the list is the correct one. And finally, with multilink ISDN users, the first call shows, but the second one shows the correct IP address.

And like I wrote, it's just an cosmetic problem in the radius server, the user gets a correct IP and AS5300 sets up all the routes etc. With PM3, radius server listed the record of user IP's correctly.

Any ideas? Missing radius attributes or something?

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Re: AS5300 & Vircom radius

Any Radius experts here?

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