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I am using AS5300 and costomers are complaining about slow authentication and sometimes about slow browsing.

I have output of sh log command.But I do not understand.

What is mean by these lines. Can any one please help me.

here is the excerpt output.

Aug 27 08:50:22.583 NST: AAA: parse name=Async182 idb type=10 tty=182

Aug 27 08:50:22.583 NST: AAA: name=Async182 flags=0x11 type=4 shelf=0 slot=0 ada

pter=0 port=182 channel=0

Aug 27 08:50:22.587 NST: AAA/AUTHEN: create_user (0x619608F4) user='evecom' ruse

r='' port='Async182' rem_addr='014482757/15500' authen_type=PAP service=PPP priv


Aug 27 08:50:22.587 NST: AAA/AUTHEN/START (3587026178): port='Async182' list=''

action=LOGIN service=PPP

Aug 27 08:50:22.587 NST: AAA/AUTHEN/START (3587026178): using "default" list

Aug 27 08:50:22.587 NST: AAA/AUTHEN (3587026178): status = UNKNOWN

Aug 27 08:50:22.587 NST: AAA/AUTHEN/START (3587026178): Method=RADIUS

Aug 27 08:50:22.651 NST: AAA/AUTHEN (3587026178): status = PASS

Aug 27 08:50:24.223 NST: AAA: parse name=tty165 idb type=10 tty=165

Aug 27 08:50:24.223 NST: AAA: name=tty165 flags=0x11 type=4 shelf=0 slot=0 adapt

er=0 port=165 channel=0

Aug 27 08:50:24.223 NST: AAA/AUTHEN: create_user (0x618B7CC4) user='' ruser='' p

ort='tty165' rem_addr='014473711/15500' authen_type=ASCII service=LOGIN priv=1

Aug 27 08:50:24.227 NST: AAA/AUTHEN/START (3084161848): port='tty165' list='line

1-240' action=LOGIN service=LOGIN


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Re: As5300

Check whether there is any issue with the packet size like mtu 1500 bytes mismatch in the link. If you are using PPP multilink in the interface Async or Interface Group-async and if you are not using ISDN dial-up you can disable ppp multink which is not needed. PPP multilink is needed only when both ISDN B-channels has to be enabled.

You have to also configure modemcap which will help in this issue. Check the below links on how to configure modemcap use ctrl-F to locate in the page

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