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I want to know an AS5350 with a 8E1 card could hanndle how many Voice and Data call simutanously?

There sre some Voice lisence and Data only lisence which are a bit difficult to understand what do they means?

If the AS5350 has the ASAP feature should the buyer pay for the Voice feature more?


Hooman Parta

Cisco Employee

Re: AS5350

Hi hooman-

The AS5350 does support the ASAP technology, it is the licensing that allow you to run various application (ie. Data, Voice, Fax, etc).

Here is an explanation of the Licensing.

Feature Licenses

Q. Have the existing feature licenses on the Cisco AS5350 changed at all?

A. Yes. The following base feature licenses will no longer be supported: FR5x-DATA-LIC Cisco AS5000 Series IOS Data License per port

FR5x-WIRELESS-LIC Cisco AS5000 Series IOS Wireless License per port

Q. Are there any new feature licenses?

A. Yes. Now there are three categories of licenses: Base features licenses, specialty feature licenses, and upgrade licenses.

One of the following base features licenses is required at the time of purchase: FR5x-VOXONLY-LIC Cisco AS5000 Series IOS Voice-Only License per port

FR5x-UNIVPORT-LIC Cisco AS5000 Series IOS Universal Port License per port

FR5x-ULTRAPORT-LIC Cisco AS5000 Series IOS UltraPort License per port

FR5x-ISDNONLY-LIC Cisco AS5000 Series IOS ISDN-Only License per port

Note: The ISDN-only license can be ordered only with the ISDN-only configurations: AS535-8E1-240ISDN, AS535-16E1-480ISDN, and AS535-24E1-720ISDN.

The number of feature licenses that must be ordered is determined by the number of ports supported for the T1/E1 configuration being ordered. Please refer to the table below: Part Number Minimum Number of Licenses Mandatory Licenses

AS535-8E1-240ISDN 240

ISDN only

AS535-16E1-480ISDN 480

ISDN only

AS535-24E1-720ISDN 720

ISDN only

AS535-2T1-48NP 48

VOX only, UnivPort, or UltraPort

AS535-2E1-60NP 60

VOX only, UnivPort, or UltraPort

AS535-4T1-108NP 96

VOX only, UnivPort, or UltraPort

AS535-4E1-120NP 120

VOX only, UnivPort,or UltraPort

AS535-8T1-216NP 192

VOX only, UnivPort, or UltraPort

AS535-8E1-216NP 210

VOX only, UnivPort, or UltraPort

Q. What are specialty feature licenses?

A. Specialty licenses add services to the Cisco AS5350 platform (Port management, SS7/Channel 7 (C7), Universal Gateway Manager, or PIAFS. Following is the list of licenses: FR5x-PM-LIC Cisco AS5000 Series IOS Port Management License per port

FR5x-SS7-LIC Cisco AS5000 Series IOS SS7 License per port

UGM-MGMT-LIC Cisco AS5000 Series Universal Gateway Manager License per port

FR5x-PIAFS-LIC Cisco AS5000 Series IOS PIAFS License per port

The Port Management license provides access to Resource Pool Management (RPM), Call Tracker Management Information Bases (MIBs), and Modem Management. The SS7 license provides access to Q931 over IP, which is required for interoperability with the Cisco SC 2200 Signaling Controller or any third-party SS7 gateway. The Universal Gateway Manager (UGM) Management license provides support for element management. The PIAFS license is required for support of PIAFS 1.0 to PIAFS 2.1 wireless protocol in the Japanese network.

Q. What are upgrade licenses?

A. Upgrade licenses enhance the universal port services available on the gateway (Voice Only to Universal Port, Universal Port to Ultra Port, ISDN Only to Universal Port). Following is a list of upgrade licenses: FR5x-VOX2UP-LIC Cisco AS5000 Series VOX Only to UnivPort Upgrade per port

FR5x-UP2ULTRA-LIC Cisco AS5000 Series UnivPort to UltraPort Upgrade License per port

FR5x-ISDN2UP-LIC Cisco AS5000 Series ISDN Only to UnivPort Upgrade License per port

I hope this help, have a Great Day!


Community Member

Re: AS5350

Hi Dave,

Thank yo very much for your good explainations.

Another quick question: the AS535-8E1-216NP 210 means that we could 216 concurrent call simutanously (8X 30 = 240 64 DS0 channels, so only 7 or something will work)?

It may be confused with the Voice and Data port allocations. right?

BTW,I could not reach that link any way becasue I am a customer only. (Is it reachable for Partners only?)

Thank you again and have good day.


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