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Assigning IP's to Ports

Good Morning All,

Here is my question.

My Goal :

To assign ports on my 5505's to the IP addresses of users.

1. Can I use Cisco Works ? or do I have to manually go around to each user, etc, etc. ?

2. If I click on the port (using Cisco works) can it tell me what IP it is using or assigned ?

Thanks for any ideas or help in this matter in advance.

Cisco Employee

Re: Assigning IP's to Ports

Did you mean to say that you want the port name to be the IP address of the host connected to it? If so, I think you'll to assign it individually

Community Member

Re: Assigning IP's to Ports


I would like to be able to pull up the interface of the switch with Cisco Works. Then ask the switch to tell me the IP address of the host in say "port 5/14"

Then hard code it in the switch. Or when I click on configure for a certain port, within that configuration it tells me the host IP address. I hope this is clear ?


Community Member

Re: Assigning IP's to Ports

The switch doesn't have knowledge of what the IP address is off a port but only the MAC address of the device connected to the port.

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