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assymetric server to user traffic

Is there any way to influence return traffic from server access to users for user/server access switches directly attached to a pair of core switches.

Client has a pair 6500/720 in the core and legacy server/user access switches directly attached. He wanted to load balance the user switches across the cores. The server switches connect to both Core 1 and 2 but based on a L2 redundant link utilty have primary on Core 1 and backup on Core 2. A User access switch pair with two VLAN's would load balance outbound via HSRP. But seems to me all the return traffic will go via the server switch core 1 connection etc. I've suggested Layer 3 for the server switches so that the return traffic can be influenced via OSPF costs. Are there any other ways of doing this?


Re: assymetric server to user traffic

Hello Les,

Please refer to this document:

Asymmetric Routing and HSRP (Excessive Flooding of Unicast Traffic in Network with Routers That Run HSRP)



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Re: assymetric server to user traffic

Hi Leon/All,

Good doc but it provides a way to avoid unicast flooding as a result of Assymetric routing.

I was looking for some way to avoid assymetric routing in the absence of multiple router default gateways spread a cross a collapsed core. Any ideas?

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