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New Member

Async Dial-in with Async DDR dial-out

This is probably a basic question. But I have been unable to find suitable examples -etc

2 PRI interface . 60 Internal modems.

The Group-async 1 interface has group range 1 60 specified.

Dial in is ok and provides IP address from a Pool and radius Authentication.

I want to do a single Async DDR dial out as well.

This needs Different Authentication , IP address Negociated and PAT.

How do I seperate this from the dial-in setup. Dialer Map only gives me

an IP address and Authentication, BUT I cant use a different negociated Ip address's can I ?

I thought to use group-async2 and change the range on group-async1 to 1 59

and 60 on Group-async2. And set line 60 for dialout only ?? Would this work ?

How do I do this ? Help


Re: Async Dial-in with Async DDR dial-out

Your approach would work (I've used it myself). However, if the outbound call is critical, your approach introduces an unnecessary single point of failure (line 60 must be functional or else).

A better approach is to use dialer profiles so that the out dial can use any available line. Of course, if the potential exists for all 60 lines to be consumed, you may want to stay with two async groups.

Good luck and have fun!

VIncent C Jones

New Member

Re: Async Dial-in with Async DDR dial-out

OK , I have tried Dialer Profiles, I have move the incomming call to Virtual Profiles.

I still think I have a problem with dial out. (Still working on confirming this).

But does the below sound correct for the internal operation of 5200's -

Dial out call grabs the last in the list of available modems. - That Ok. It then seems to try and place a call on the accociated ISDN B channel. (eg If modem/line 59 then channel 30 on second PRI. If modem/line 60 then Chanel 31). This would be OK Except that incomming calls do NOT relate the ISDN Channel to any specific line. Therefor an incomming call may be using ISDN Channel 31 on modem/line 52 for example. When the ougoing call is attempted the isdn Channel is unavailable (other channels are free) and you get a No free dialers problem.

New Member

Re: Async Dial-in with Async DDR dial-out

I have now done the Confirmation. And (good news) I no longer have a problem. The Incomming PPP calls go to Virtual-access and the outgoing Dialer interfaces grab and available modem AND FREE isdn channel.

Without Virtual-access I would have needed Di profiles for all dial in users.

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