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Async dialout from 3620 with out PPP...

I need to find a way for my support people to

telnet onto our 3620, and issue a simple dialout

command such as "dial custa" and have that translate

in to the 3620 picking a modem from the pool, dialing

the phone number, then connecting that users telnet

session to it as an old style async connection.

NO PPP! I have asked about this before, and every

one says it should be do'able, but no one can tell

me how to do it. I would like to store the dial

strings on our Cisco Secure ACS server, and not the

routers config.

Anybody got a clue how this could be done?!?!?


Re: Async dialout from 3620 with out PPP...

I don't know if it can be done as automatically as you want, but you can make a reverse-telnet connection to an available modem, and use AT commands in the router to dial out:

line x y

rotary 1


ip host modem 3001 (address of router)


The line numbers will be those of the modems in your router. Since you have a 3620, if the modem NM is in slot 0 x will be 1. If the modem NM is in slot 1 x will be 33. y will depend on how many modems are in your NM. If you have 12 modems y will be 12 or 44.

To dial a location you can telnet to the router on port 3001. You will be connected to an available modem. From there use AT commands.



Re: Async dialout from 3620 with out PPP...

There was an application developed by Cisco, Cisco Dial Out Utility, which they decided not to support anymore. Instead they are suggesting third party applications, such as the one developed by TacticalSoftware, which does the same thing.

A free trial of the software is available at the following location:

Sample configurations for the access server you can find on CCO:


New Member

Re: Async dialout from 3620 with out PPP...

Yup I know about that, but it won't work for what we do

It would requre the users to know the dial string,

and or AT commands. What we realy need is a centrail

dial out reposatory where the user telnets on to

the device and issues a command " dial customera"

and the system looks up the phone number, picks a

modem, dials out, then connects that users telnet

session to the dialed out call! We have an OLD system

( Telebit Netblazer ) that does that now, but im trying

to replace it using the 3620.

Any other thoughts?

New Member

Re: Async dialout from 3620 with out PPP...

Yea that is not going to work for my users! We

currently have an OLD Telebit Netblazer that

functions like I posted, but im trying to replace

it with the 3620. Only problem is that it has to

work like this. User telnets to the router, then

issues the command "dial customera", the router picks

a modem from the pool, dials the number, then connects

the user to the dial out session. No Windows OS

required, not com port redirector, centrail dialing

directory so users DON'T know the numbers being used.

Any other thoughts?

Re: Async dialout from 3620 with out PPP...

No other thoughts. I don't think you can do that with a cisco router. You can have your users telnet directly to a modem on the router using a dialer rotary-group, but your users still have to know the dial string.

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