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async over EP21 2 wire line

We have an EPS21 line - which is a two wire conditioned line. Connected to it are two hayes optima 56k business modems configured for leased line mode. This means they ignore all at commands etc sent to them. I have been told that the the following will work:

Cisco805 with cab-ss-232mt to one modem, cisco1720 with a wic-2t card cab-ss-232mt cable to the other modem.

The problem is they start talking get connected then a few seconds later drop the connection and try again. It seams when the cisco resets the serial line it causes the modem to reset.

Any ideas how I can do this?



Re: async over EP21 2 wire line

The cisco's will still rely on the physical layer signals to control the interface, so you want to ensure that the modems have DCD/DSR high. You should try using PPP encapsulation, and "debug ppp neg" to see what is going on (ensure that both sides are seeing output and input packets). Clear the counters before you test, and then have a look at the interface stats to make sure that there are no errors or drops, and that the input/output counters are increasing. If the show and debug output do not indicate any incoming data, then I would suspect the Hayes modem configs.

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