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ATM AAL5 Errors

I'm using LS1010 ASPs running IOS v12.1(19)E in Cat5500 chassis' on my network. For sometime I've seen the following errors pop up on a regular basis:

Mar 8 23:00:25: %AAL5-3-INTERNAL_ERROR: AAL5 doesn't handle such large pkts aa

l5 data of len 9264, vpi=0, vci=258:

00 04 00 06 5B 04 F1 0C

00 B0 4A A5 78 00 08 00

45 00 05 DC 92 06 40 00

7E 06 FA 3F 83 36 E4 48

83 36 80 20 0E 6C 00 19

Has anyone seen anything like it? I searched the website but didn't find much in the way of an answer past calling an engineer.



Re: ATM AAL5 Errors

AAL 5 is almost always overutilization , I think what is happening here is you are exceeding your contracted rate , some cells are dropped in the cloud in particular the start of cell or end of cell delimiters SAR reassenblies it sees a giant

New Member

Re: ATM AAL5 Errors

Thanks. So I should probably check out my end user and see what he's sending. Appreciate the help.


Re: ATM AAL5 Errors

yes , you can turn on ip accounting , this only is calculated outbound so you need to turn it on on the side that has the high utilization outbound .

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