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ATM ELAN internal topology

I am designing a solution for a customer that has a single server farm and all but 3 of the LANs that are supported by this server farm. My customer would like to move those 3 lans that reside on another ELAN to the home ELAN since they occupy a common infrastructure with other entitites. My concern is that those 3 LANs must maintian the capability to move to another location and connect back via remote VPN connectivity. My concern is that if I establist the IP addresses for all the users on the Home ELAN and then move 1 or all 3 of theses LANS how will that effect the ELAN and moreso my routing of these IP addresses when they come in through the remote VPN.

I prefer not connecting these 3 LANS on that ELAN but using ethernet and connect them in as another segment each independent and separate so that it does not effect the ELANS or the routing.

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Re: ATM ELAN internal topology

Take a look through the following link on LAN Emulation:

There are several helpful links on implementing and configuring LANE in different scenarios.

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Re: ATM ELAN internal topology

There are guildline for the LANE design recommendation:



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