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Hello, i have a catalyst 6500 with 2 msfcs and 1 atm blade (WS-X6101-OC12-MMF). I see this error message: %LANE-3-LEC_CONTROL_MSG: Received bad control message on interface ATM0.1. Does anyone have any experience with this problem? On the catalyst there is only the lec client of atm. The les,lecs and bus are outside the catalyst (Fore Systems).

Thank you.

Felipe Garcia.

Cisco Employee


Those messages mean that corrupted control packets have been received on the control distribute VC. To find out where those corrupted packets have been received, you can enable 'debug lane client error'. That debug output should tell you which device has sent the corrupted messages.

For your information, there has been issues where the WS-X6101 corrupts normal packets and send them to the wrong VC. If that VC is the control direct, the LES will flood the packet on the control distribute. As this is a corrupted packet, it will generate a bad control message error. The debugs above should then show you packets received from a LECid which does not exist in your network. In that case, swap the WS-X6101.

Finally, based on my experience, I have seen messages like this when connected to a Fore/Marconi network. Indeed, in those cases, messaegs used by the Fore/Marconi switches were not understood by the Cisco devices leading to those same messages. Again, debug lane client error should give you more information.

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Hello, thanks for your information. I have made the debug and the source is the les, that is at the Fore/Marconi network. This is a trace of the debug lane client error:

Incorrect LANE Client Control packet header

May 27 13:22:01: Marker = 0x106, Protocol = 0x1, Version = 0x7,

May 27 13:22:01: Requester Client Id = 0x10C, Flags = 0x10D.

May 27 13:22:01: VCD : 40, VC Type : LEC Control Distribute

May 27 13:22:01: Packet Length : 0x6C

It seems to be a problem between the les and this lec.


Felipe Garcia

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