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ATM Set up


I am trying to set up a LANE emulation for ATM in my college LAB. This set up will include ATM cloud, ATM edge devices and workstations. ATM cloud would have 2/3 ATM switches connected together. There would be 2/3 ATM edge devices connected to this cloud and workstations would be connected to edge devices.

I have couple of questions regarding this set up:

1. What are my choices for ATM switches in the cloud (CIsco Lightstream series, router with ASIC, catalysts with ATM modules??). I need to know the specific hardware name.

2. Which Cisco gears I can use as ATM edge devices? Could it be catalysts or routers? If yes, specific model name?

3. What should be the link between Edge device and cloud switches? Can I have UTP/STP?

4. What should be the link among ATM switches in the cloud? Can it be UTP/STP?

This set up is as a part of my project in the college, so it is purely for demo purpose - that means it doesn't need to have latest/fastest configuration available. Therefore, please suggest lowest configuration possible so that I can have most of it available in the college.

Thanks for your reply in advance :)


Cisco Employee

Re: ATM Set up

Question 1: for the ATM cloud, you will have to use either LS1010s or cat8500MSR switches.

Question 2: for the edge devices, you can use routers or catalysts with LANE blades. Lane blades can be: WS-X515x pr WS-X516x for the cat5k and WS-X6101 for the cat6k. For the routers, any router with an ATM module will do. The 2600 router is the smallest router you can have with a module supporting LANE. For the catalysts, a catalyst 5000 would do the job fine.

Question 3: Depending on the edge modules/devices, you can have UTP connections (E1, 25Mbps or 155Mbps UTP) but you can also use fibers or coax cables. All will depend on the type of edge devices.

Question 4: the link between ATM switches can be anything (fiber, UTP, coax, ...)

New Member

Re: ATM Set up

Thanks for such a systematic answer. It made the picture much clear for me.

Your response helped me clear my doubt that ATM ALWAYS needs fibers and higher speed connections.

Btw, what is the difference between LANE blade and ATM Module?

Also, if I use Cat5k as edge device, do I need any special card/module/add-on in it?

I am going to find out how much of these hardware I can get from my college. I may have to make the arrangement for hw not available at college. In that case, is there any arrangement out there by which I can rent it (routers, add-ons, switches) for couple of days or buy it at lower rates?

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